Manchester United Cake: The Best Guide To Make This Cake

Manchester United Cake

For my brother’s 23rd birthday, I baked him a Manchester United Cake. He is a devoted supporter of the MU football team, and when I gave him the cake, he grinned from ear to ear. Additionally, he was so meticulous when cutting the cake that he made sure nobody harmed the brand. He loves Manchester United so much! Continue reading to learn more with

How to decorate the Manchester United Cake?

Manchester United Cake

The following materials are required to decorate the Manchester United Cake:

  • I needed a huge rectangle cake pan that was 12 inches by 10 inches, but I did not have one. In order to make 2 cakes, I used my smaller cake pan, which is 6 by 10 inches in size. To reach the 12 by 10-inch size, I used buttercream to bind them together. My recipe for butter pound cake was used to make the cake itself.
  • I divided the buttercream icing in half and colored one green and the other white (for the lines on the football field). I only needed the white area for the lines on the field, so it was quite modest. I used the green icing that was left over after frosting the entire cake and added extra green food coloring to make the border of the cake a richer shade of green.
  • The Manchester United logo was covered in fondant icing. The icing was untinted by myself. Instead, I cut it out and painted it. For the cake’s birthday lettering, I also used fondant. These were painted in gold and cut out with Wilton alphabet cutters.
  • I bought these plastic goalposts from a nearby cake-decorating shop. Actually, they come with a pair of goalposts and a few football players. I only utilized the goalposts because I didn’t want the players on the Manchester United Cake.
  • I created this template by tracing the Manchester United emblem onto parchment paper. And while doing so, I made sure the logo was the right size for the Manchester United Cake.
  • Grass tip with Wilton round tip number 3.
  • Letter cutters
  • Lemon essence and edible gold dust
  • Brush for decorating cakes
  • Useless piping bags
  • Red, yellow, green, and white food coloring.

Manchester United Cake’s Fondant Logo:

Manchester United Cake

  • On the internet, I looked for the Manchester United logo and discovered one I liked. To fit my Manchester United Cake size, I resized it. To find out how to resize your photographs for cake decorating, go here.
  • I traced the resized logo onto a piece of parchment paper. After that, I rolled out some white fondant and used a Sugarcraft knife to cut out the logo’s outline. I completed the outline before tracing the cutout with the details. I traced the design by cutting through my paper template onto the cutout underneath, being careful not to cut through the fondant itself but rather just to outline the image on its surface.
  • The plan was to transfer all of the cut-out contours so that I could paint it using those lines as a guide.
  • Using the alphabet cutters, each letter of the word “Manchester United” was cut out individually. I changed the letters so that the typeface matched the letters on the logo as closely as possible.
  • I waited overnight for the lettering and the logo to set and become hard. When fondant is a little firmer, painting and working with it are easier.
  • The following day, I painted it red and yellow, following the layout of a genuine MU logo. The lettering was painted as well. After finishing the painting, I used a moist brush to add the letters “Manchester United” to the logo.

The Buttercream Grass on the Manchester United Cake

Manchester United Cake

  • I smoothed the tops of the cakes after they had baked and cooled. And then I used some buttercream on the sides to join the two cakes together. This cake was just one layer, so I attached the cakes to the side to make it bigger like a sheet cake. I next applied a thin layer of buttercream (the crumb coat) to the entire cake.
  • I then piped the ‘grass’ on the Manchester United cake using the grass tip and green icing. I used a star tip to pipe lengthy, vertical rows of icing on the sides. Using a darker shade of green buttercream and the grass tip, I added a border to the cake to complete the buttercream piping.
  • I then piped the lines on the football field cake using white buttercream. Then I painstakingly painted the Manchester United emblem onto the cake while positioning the plastic goalposts at each end of the football field. When I did that, I made sure to leave enough room on the cake for the birthday greeting to appear after the logo.
  • Finally, I used fondant to cut out the words “Happy birthday” and the birthday boy’s name. Before putting them on the Manchester United cake, I coated these in gold (gold edible dust mixed with a few drops of lemon extract to form a thick paint).
  • And now, the Manchester United Cake was then ready.

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