How to make Perfect Moana Cake For Your Princess On Her Birthday?

Moana Cake

You’re going to need Moana Cake ideas if you’re hosting a Moana celebration! The best way to celebrate a birthday is with this adorable Moana Cake birthday. It’s a cake that any young princess will adore, complete with sugar waves and edible shells!

We have been smitten with Disney’s Moana ever since we first watched it. We only listen to the soundtrack in the car (and I’ve been caught doing it even when the girls aren’t around). It really is that wonderful! After watching the movie, my 4-year-old started organizing her Moana birthday celebration. She knew precisely what she wanted, so it didn’t matter if her birthday wasn’t for several months. I started by creating a sweet Moana invitation, but a Moana Cake birthday was also obviously necessary. I didn’t mind at all; a Moana cake was perfectly up my alley. I adore creating creative birthday cakes!

Prior to having to begin planning a few weeks ago, I didn’t give it much thought. It was crucial that it be simple, not like these ridiculously extravagant Disney princess cakes! Without seashells and palm trees, I would never be able to reproduce a tropical island, so I started looking for goods on Amazon. The first items I discovered were these adorable small seashell molds and palm tree cake toppers. What on earth were people doing before Amazon Prime existed? My kids would have received a lot more birthday cakes from the grocery store, I’m pretty sure. Now continue reading with to learn how to make it.

How to Make Moana Cake For Your Princess On Her Birthday?
Moana Cake

Ingredients to make Moana Cake:

  • 4 to 5 jars of white icing
  • 5 cartons of any flavor cake mix
  • 1 cup of vanilla wafers, crushed
  • Candy melts in various colors for the seashells and blue and white for the wave
  • Candy blossoms with blue and green food coloring
  • Food-free items:
  • Moana statues
  • swaying palms
  • Shell candy maker

Instructions to make the perfect Moona Cake on a birthday:

Moana Cake

To make the seashells and the waves:

Making seashells with candy melts was my first step. While solid-colored seashells are simple to construct, I felt it would be more attractive to swirl several colors together since candy melts are so much fun to work with. You can mix as many different color combinations as you like by melting each hue in a different basin. When you’re done, use a toothpick or fork to very delicately swirl together two colors.

Avoid over-swirling to prevent the colors from blending into one another. Fill the mold, remove the extra candy from the top, and put it in the refrigerator.

Since the large wave is one of the most significant features, now is a good moment to start working on it. You’ll need a bowl with a decent curve on the bottom and blue and white candy melts. To make the wave easier to remove once you’re through, spray the bowl with some Pam or massage with vegetable oil.

You can get sugar melts in several hues of blue and white, but I chose plain blue (not royal blue) and dazzling white. It’s easier to melt the colors separately, then once they’re all melted, swirl them together. Once more, take careful not to swirl them too much so that they merge into one color.

Combine the colors, then pour them into the bowl and create a wave shape with your fingers or a spatula. Make sure it’s long enough because you’ll need to push it into the Moana cake approximately 1/4 of the way to get it to stand up.

To make the cake:
Moana Cake
  • Bake one 8″ or 9″ cake, two 9×13″ cakes (2 boxes each cake), and other desserts using the cake mix. Cool down. Level both of the 9×13 cakes first.
  • Place the second cake on top of the first, which has been iced in white. Add white icing to one-third of the cake, then blue frosting to the remaining portions.
  • Cut the round cake in half, then use icing to sandwich the halves together to form a mountain.
  • Make the top more like Te Fiti morphing into the mountain by carving. Using green frosting, frost the cake, then top with candy flowers.
  • Make a line of blue frosting across the cake on the opposite side, followed by a line of white icing.
  • Swirl together to mimic the sound of waves smashing on a beach. Palm trees should be added near the beach’s edge.
  • To simulate sand, cover the white frosting with smashed vanilla wafers.
  • Push the wave’s bottom into the cake at the water’s edge with care. To create a spot solid enough to support the wave, remove about 1/2 inch of the cake with a tiny spoon or knife. The wave should be added after the hold has been filled with melted candy, and both should be secured to prevent tipping.
  • Place the Moana figurines on the beach in front of the green Te Fiti candy heart and place the wave. Around the cake, scatter the seashells. Let’s enjoy!

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