The Art of Sanrio Cake: Where Imagination Meets Confection

Sanrio Cake

Japan gave birth to the animated cartoon cat known as Hello Kitty. It’s easy to recognize the adorable cat with the big white head, red bow, and black whiskers, and it would be a terrific motif for a birthday or celebration cake. A basic Sanrio Cake in any flavor, some fondant (which needs to be created eight hours in advance), and a few quick decorations are all that is needed to produce a Sanrio Cake. The project will be considerably easier if you have a Sanrio Cake pan, but if not, you can still make the cake using a round cake pan. Here is‘s guide to making Sanrio Cake.

How to make Sanrio Cake? Here is the best recipes

Making the fondant

Sanrio Cake

1. Prepare your equipment. The fondant needs to sit for around eight hours after it is made. Make sure to allow yourself enough time to prepare the fondant before beginning to prepare the cake.

2. Swiffer the sugar. The powdered sugar should be sifted into a big bowl. Sifting will eliminate lumps and significantly simplify the process of creating a smooth fondant. Make a well in the center of the sugar with your finger or a spoon to place the wet ingredients.

3. Make the gelatin soluble. A small saucepan should be filled with cold water before adding the gelatin on top. Give the gelatin five minutes to soften before serving.

4. Include the remaining components. Stir the gelatin mixture well after adding the glucose and glycerine. The almond extract is next added, and it is thoroughly mixed in.

5. Mix the ingredients together and work the fondant. Fill the sugar’s central well with the gelatin mixture. To fully incorporate the sugar, stir. Spread the dough out on a flat surface that has been dusted with icing sugar.

6. Let the fondant rest. The fondant should be rolled into a ball and then covered with many layers of plastic wrap. After that, put the wrapped fondant in a plastic bag that can be sealed. Seal the bag after removing all the air.

Baking the Sanrio Cake

Sanrio Cake

1. Preheat the oven and assemble the materials. Get the ingredients and utensils you’ll need to bake your Sanrio Cake, then preheat your oven to 350°F (177°C).

2. Mix the dry ingredients together. In a big mixing basin, sift the flour, sugar, baking soda, and salt. The ingredients can be combined in a bowl and whisked together if you don’t have a sifter.

3. Include the liquid ingredients. Put the dry ingredients in a bowl and then add the butter, milk, and vanilla. Using the hand mixer, combine the ingredients until they start to come together. Then, turn the speed up to medium and beat everything for about four minutes.

4. Put the eggs in. It was separately breaking each egg into a small mixing dish. Then, add the eggs to the batter, and beat everything for a further three minutes at medium speed.

5. Bake the Sanrio Cake. Between the two cake pans, distribute the batter equally. The Sanrio Cake should be baked for 30 to 35 minutes. A toothpick put into the center of the cakes should come out clean after they are finished baking.

6. Allow the Sanrio Cake to cool totally. The cakes will begin to pull away from the sides of the pans once they have had time to cool, making it more straightforward to remove them. Turn the cakes out onto cooling racks after 10 minutes, and let them sit there for 1.5 hours to reach room temperature.

The Frosting Process

1. Prepare the frosting. Powdered sugar, butter, milk, and vanilla should all be combined in a medium mixing dish. For three to four minutes, on medium speed, beat all the ingredients until the frosting is smooth, fluffy, and light 2. Paint the frosting.

2. Divide the frosting into a small bowl, about a fourth of it. The little amount should have 10 drops of black food coloring added. Whisk to thoroughly blend. If additional drops are required to achieve a deep and rich black icing, add another 10 drops.

Assembling the Sanrio Cake

Sanrio Cake

1. Cut the Sanrio Cake in half. Cut the two circular cakes in half, then wedge them together to create the wide, elongated Hello Kitty face. Draw an imaginary line down the middle of one cake using your sight. Cut the cake in half an inch (2.5 cm) off-center after moving over by that distance.

2. Join the cakes together to make the face. One of the big cake wedges’ cut edges should be covered with icing using a frosting knife. The cut edges of the other sizable cake slice should be facing one another. Use the icing to hold the two cake wedges together as you gently press them together.

3. Construct the ears. Make the ears out of the two smaller cake wedges. The leftover cake was sliced into two equilateral triangles, each with a two-inch (5-cm) base and a two-inch (5-cm) height, using a knife.

4. Glue the ears on. Put a coating of icing on each ear’s circular base. Attach the first ear to the cake’s top left corner, and the second ear to the top right.

5. Ice the cake. Put a thick layer of frosting on the top and sides of the Sanrio Cake using a frosting knife. To prevent them from being knocked out of position, softly frost the ears.

6. Spread the fondant out. Apply cornstarch on your rolling pin and a smooth work surface. On the covered surface, spread the fondant out and roll it into a rectangle. Roll the fondant out again and again until it is uniformly flat and about 6.4 mm thick.

7. Fondant the cake and cover it. Peel the fondant from the work surface gently, then place it in the middle of the cake. Spread the excess fondant over the sides of the cake as you place it on top. Apply some cornstarch to your hands and carefully mold the fondant to the Sanrio Cake.

Adding the Decorations

1. Add the cartoon’s outline. Hello Kitty’s face is always outlined in black because she is a cartoon figure. Transfer your piping bag with the black icing. Fit a circular tip to the bag. To outline the face, pipe a continuous line of icing all the way around the edge of the cake, starting at the outside corner of the left ear.

2. Add the nose. To find the Sanrio Cake’s core, use your eye. The yellow jelly bean should be horizontal, so position it that way and dip one side into the unused white frosting. A half-inch (1.3 cm) below the cake’s center, press the jelly bean into the fondant.

3. Include the eyes. Dip one side of each black jelly bean into the icing to form the eyes. Put the jelly beans in a vertical position. Put a jelly bean on either side of the nose, with the bottom tip of the bean at the height of the top of the nose, and in the space between the nose and the outer edge of the cheek.

4. Make the whiskers. Cut the black rope licorice into six three-inch strips. Add three whiskers to the face’s sides. The bottom quarter of each strip should be painted with a thin layer of white icing using your finger or a knife. Place the whiskers so that they dangle off and are partially on the cake.

5. Make the bow. Cut a strip of fruit tape measuring three inches (7.6 cm) long. Make a loop out of the leftover tape that is approximately five inches (12.7 cm) long. Wrap the bow’s center and the loops together with the three-inch strip. The inside edge of the center wrap will stick to itself if you spread some icing on it with your finger.

6. Dish out and savor! Sanrio Cake is ready to serve once the bow has been added as the finishing touch. This cake may feed eight to twelve people, depending on how big the portions are.

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