Flower Cake Decorations : How To Catch Rotating Roses Easily

Flower Cake

Flower Cake is one of the familiar and often present cakes in human life. However, to be able to make the soul and meaning of the cream cakes, you not only need a delicious cake, but also need an eye-catching, beautiful decoration on top. One of the techniques to decorate the Rose Flower Cake. Do you know how to catch rotating roses?

For us, Flower Cake decoration is one of the most interesting and exciting jobs. After watching the oven to get delicious cakes, the decoration process always requires me to be creative and ingenious to get the most satisfactory finished product. To be honest, we are not skillful people, but we have a predestined relationship with baking, so what can’t be done or done is not beautiful, I will practice many times to become proficient.

Getting roses to rotate, also known as rose swirl, is one of the techniques that I find the simplest but extremely effective in cake decorating. At first, we also had many difficulties when practicing catching, but gradually getting used to it, Cakepluss.com found that this technique is not as difficult as imagined!

Decorate the Rose Flower Cake – simple but delicate

Flower Cake

You can choose from a variety of ways to decorate the cake, it can be as simple as polishing it with some fresh fruit or chocolate, or you can also catch roses in the traditional way (with base and individual petals). Or decorate with fondant to make our Flower Cake more beautiful. For me, decorating with rotating roses is the simplest and easiest way to decorate. But the special thing is that they give our cake a more beautiful, delicate and elegant look. Rotating roses are often used to decorate birthday cakes, wedding cakes or cupcakes.

With other decorations, you will have to worry a lot about the outside surface of the cream, not only that, but also what to add to make the Rose Flower Cake more lively. But with rotating roses, you can completely cover the surface of the cake with lovely roses, cover all the defects of the frosting on the surface and create an extremely harmonious and eye-catching whole. for our Flower Cake

Instructions on how to catch rotating roses to decorate cakes

Flower Cake

To talk about the technique of catching rotating roses, this is a fairly simple flower catching technique, just using the cream tip combined with the manipulation of the tip to form a closed rose. The operation to catch this rose is much easier and simpler than the petal-by-petal rose. Technically that’s easy, but you still need a bit of ingenuity and meticulousness to be able to catch a beautiful and round flower, just a small operation when you turn the head but it’s not good. Ours will be distorted, the petals are uneven and less beautiful. Next, I will guide you in technical details so that you can catch the rotating rose yourself!

1. First, you need to prepare some materials and tools to catch flowers, including:

Flower Cake

Buttercream or cream topping (avoid whipping cream as flowers captured with this cream won’t be as sharp and last as long)

A couple of puffer bags and whipped cream tips. To catch rotating roses you need to use 2D or 1M tip (Wilton tip). The 1M shank is a spreading star tip and the 2D shank is also a star fin but has a certain degree of wing closure. Both of these tips can catch rotating roses, but I like the petals that the 2D star tips catch, our roses will be more bud, sharper and have a very eye-catching, flower-catching elegance. with a 1M tail, our roses often have bigger wings and bloom much more than with 2D tips.

2. The technique of catching ice cream to have a simple rotating rose:

Flower Cake

First, you mix the cream in your favorite color to make our roses more eye-catching! Next, you put the cream in the ice cream bag, pay attention not to give too much because it will make it difficult for us to shape the flowers! Squeeze the cream first into the bowl to make sure your cream is evenly spread.

Place the ice cream bag and the ice cream tip perpendicular to the surface of the Rose Flower Cake to be caught, gently squeeze the cream down to a sufficient amount to form a small bud. From this bud, you immediately rotate the tip in a circle (which direction depends on your forward direction, I usually rotate each left to right). Turn the tip in a spiral from the center until the flower reaches the size you want, then stop squeezing the cream and stop the tip immediately.

If you decorate cupcakes you can go 1 flower all the way to the cake, but if you decorate the cake, when you see that the flowers are big and beautiful enough, you can stop and catch another flower, don’t catch too many rings, The flowers will be very big and less beautiful!

Note for you at this step that while you are squeezing the cream and rotating the tip to create a shape, definitely do not lift the tip from the flower being captured and try to squeeze the cream evenly. If you accidentally lift the tip from the flower or catch the cream but the ice cream does not come down, the petal will be severed immediately.

Flower Cake Decoration steps:

You need to prepare a well-polished gato cake base, it doesn’t need to be smooth, but the cream must be even on all cake surfaces, this will help our roses stick better. The loaf is available on the turntable for easier decoration!

Mixing colors for ice cream: You choose your favorite color and then mix it with the butter cream, if you like, you can also color it by dividing the buttercream into different parts and then mixing the color according to different levels of lightness. Note, when mixing the color for the cream, you need to add a bit of color, mix well, if the color is still light, add more color and mix until you have a satisfactory color. Do not add many colors at once, you will find it difficult to adjust the shade of the buttercream.

Put the cream in the bag that has been installed with a 2D star tip and then squeeze a cream line so that we get the most even and beautiful ice cream! Proceed to catch rotating roses according to the technique guided above. You can make the roses rotate from the top of the Rose Flower Cake first and then gradually spread down the cake or vice versa, catch the flowers from the bottom to the top of the cake. Our finished product will be no different from a bouquet of roses in full bloom, extremely beautiful.

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