The Wonderful 70th Birthday Cake Ideas You Should Try

70th Birthday Cake Ideas

This exquisite 70th Birthday Cake Ideas is perfect. This one-tier fondant 70th Birthday Cake Ideas with handmade gum paste roses and basic fondant flowers provides a really lovely 70th birthday cake with flowers as the primary motif. This 70th birthday cake design’s primary hues are ivory and burgundy. Overall, making this 70th birthday cake design is not too difficult. The whole supply list, recipe, and decorating instructions about 70th Birthday Cake Ideas are provided below by

The 70th Birthday Cake Ideas Recipes

1. The Main Ingredients to make:

  • This cake has a diameter of 7 inches and a height of 4 inches. I used my marble cake recipe to make the cake.
  • Buttercream – I filled and crumb-coated the cake with buttercream.
  • The cake was entirely coated in Satin Ice Ivory fondant. Maroon fondant, a combination of red and black, covered the cake board. The border of the cake and the tiny blossoms on it are both the same hue.
  • Gum Paste: For both the calligraphy and the roses on the cake, I used gum paste. I coloured my white gum paste with a mixture of Americolor Maroon and Americolor Electric Purple to get the deep hue of maroon.
  • Floral wire: For the roses, I used 18 gauge wire.
  • Before placing the gum paste roses on the cake, lollipop sticks were used to insert the wire into the roses.
  • Gold dragees were bought from a nearby cake decorating supply store.
  • I used a fondant extruder to create the rope border on the cake.
  • Flower plunger cutter with 5 petals
  • Simple Hydrangea flower cutter with mold for veining the petals.
  • Block letter and number cutter, FMM Sugarcraft
  • Ribbon of gold
  • Shortening and fondant glue

2. How to make the Rose on 70th Birthday Cake?

70th Birthday Cake Ideas

I made a maroon and electric purple food color mixture and added it to white gum paste. I wanted the rose petals to be somewhat lighter on the outer petals and darker inward toward the center.
And to create these roses, I utilized a Styrofoam ball as the center. For a detailed explanation on how to make gum paste roses, click here. Styrofoam balls are not used in the guide, so if you want to use them for your roses, you must connect them to your floral wire according to the instructions. My wire is best glued with hot glue before being inserted into the Styrofoam balls. The foam balls are completely fastened to the wire in this manner.

3. Baking the Cake

The cake itself came next. The cake was made in two separate pans, which I then leveled and sandwiched with buttercream after they had completely cooled. The cake was then given a crumb coat before being covered in fondant. The cake board was then covered. I combined Satin Ice Red with a little black for the cake board. I began by using very little black and gradually increased the amount until I achieved the proper maroon color.

4. Put the letter on the 70th Birthday Cake

70th Birthday Cake Ideas

The lettering for the cake needed to be completed as the next step. The gum paste birthday message was cut out with FMM Tappit letter and number cutters. I chose a rose-colored palette.
I arranged the remaining flowers for the cake after finishing the lettering. Ivory and two tones of maroon were combined to make these out of fondant. On the cake, I had a total of 4 distinct kinds.
The hydrangeas and simple flower were the first two biggest. To learn how to make the hydrangeas and the easy blooming blossoms, click here and here, respectively.

The cake’s other two flower varieties were of a slightly different size. I cut each of these using my five-petal plunger cutters. I veined the larger of these two using the same veining mold that I used for my straightforward blooms. Leaving the smaller ones bare.

5. The completion of the Cake

70th Birthday Cake Ideas

I put together the 70th birthday cake once I had all the decor items prepared. I began with the roses, then the wording on the cake, and finally the swirls. I rolled and sculpted the swirls by hand then used shortening to glue them to the cake.

I applied the flowers after I had completed all the swirls. To make sure the flowers were completely fixed to the cake, I utilized glue. This was due to the fact that some of them were placed on the cake’s edges, where they might not have stayed in place if I had used shortening to carry the cake.

I added the red rope border and gold ribbon border after the flowers. I used glue to connect these.
Finally, I sprinkled gold dragees haphazardly around the cake’s edges. I simply pressed them into the fondant to keep them in place rather than using any adhesive to attach them to the cake.

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