Are Sprinkles Vegan? The 5 Best Sprinkles Vegan Brands On The Market

Are Sprinkles Vegan

Are Sprinkles Vegan? The gist of it is that they are occasionally vegan and occasionally not. Therefore, you must first examine the product labels and ingredient list! Read this article about Are Sprinkles Vegan to make things simpler, also suggest you some Sprinkles Vegan Brands to buy, let’s check it!

Are Sprinkles Vegan?

What do ice cream, cupcakes, donuts, and cookies all have in common? Sprinkles make them all much more delicious! Being a vegan, you would assume that this innocuous sweet topping is animal-free because they are composed entirely of sugar.

Are Sprinkles Vegan? Sprinkles frequently contain confectioner’s glaze, which is another contentious ingredient for vegans since white sugar may have been refined using animal bone char (very difficult to confirm unless you contact the brand). Pharmaceutical glaze, resinous glaze, confectioner’s resin, pure food glaze, and natural glaze are some other names for it. Sadly, if this insect-derived component is present in your sprinkles, they are not vegan-friendly.

Are Sprinkles Vegan

Artificial coloring is another component of sprinkles that is frequently disregarded. These products are commonly tested on animals to assess their suitability for human ingestion even though they are artificial and hence not made from plants or animals. Additionally, cochineal insect blood is used to make several natural red food colorings as crimson lake and natural red 4. Therefore, for the sake of both your health and the health of animals, we advise against using artificial or red colorings if you’re vegan and have access to a better alternative.

And finally, palm oil is often used in sprinkles that are marketed as “vegan.” Despite being made of plants, this substance has a negative influence on the environment that directly kills animals by destroying their habitats in the rainforest. Again, Are Sprinkles Vegan? If you can locate substitutes that don’t contain palm oil, those are probably safer for our animal buddies.

Ingredients You Should Keep An Out Before Buying Sprinkles

1. Sweetener’s Glaze

This is a typical component of several sprinkles. It gives them their shine and increases their shelf life. You might be surprised to learn that confectioner’s glaze is a form of shellac made from the female lac insect. Shellac is also known as confectioner’s resin, medicinal glaze, shellac, natural glaze, candy glaze, resinous glaze, and occasionally even beetle juice.

Shellac can be used to coat sprinkles and other culinary items as well as for many other purposes, such as making wood and furniture shine. Look for it when reading labels, not just for sprinkles but for any form of confectionery, as this ingredient is not vegan because it is derived from an insect.

2. Gelatin

Gelatin is a different component to watch out for. If you’ve never heard of this gelatinous animal protein ingredient, it is created by boiling down various animal parts, such as connective tissues, skin, etc.

3. Palm Oil

Although palm oil is made from a plant and doesn’t contain any animal products, some people do not think it is fully vegan. This is because some sprinkles could contain it. For many people, palm oil is not vegan because the utilization of these trees harms and destroys both animals and their environments. I won’t go into the specifics here, but you can read about this topic in this article: “Is Palm Oil Vegan.” Being less harmful than non-sustainable palm oil, sustainable palm oil is regarded as vegan.

4. Bee’s wax

Wax produced by bees and removed from their hives is known as “bees’ wax,” and it is exactly what it sounds like.  When reading the ingredient list, search for it because some manufacturers use it in their sprinkles.

Be aware that some sprinkles contain carnauba wax, which is different from bees wax. Carnauba wax is made from palm leaves, making it plant-based, but because palm trees are involved, if you’re a vegan who doesn’t consume anything made from them, this could be a problem.

Top 5 Sprinkles Vegan Brands On The Market

1. Color Kitchen

Are Sprinkles Vegan

The Color Kitchen’s Rainbow Sprinkles and Nonpareil Sprinkles are both vegan and devoid of synthetic coloring. The vegan sprinkles sold by this organic company are some of the best around. We’re making decorated sugar cookies right now, so hurry. Furthermore, Color Kitchen also offers vegan icing mixes and frosting colors for baking.

2. Supernatural Kitchen

Are Sprinkles Vegan

Fortunately! The entire line of Supernatural Kitchen seasonings is vegan. However, there are more than just one or two solutions available. This vegan sprinkle line comes in a huge variety of patterns and hues. This brand is mastering the seasons and celebrations with everything from Christmas Sequins and Rainbow Crunchies to Unicorn Tracks and Dinomite Sprinkles. It’s time to make the cupcakes, make the icing, and come up with some inventive vegan sprinkles.

3. Sweet Eva’s

Are Sprinkles Vegan

Do you have any vegan bakers in the house? The connection for all-inclusive sprinkles is at Sweet Eva’s. Although this company is not entirely vegan, customers may easily find options that are. Think of sparkling silver sugar crystals, metallic silver stars, rainbow sequins, and chocolate sprinkles. Never before have our handcrafted delicacies looked better!

4. Sweetapolita

Are Sprinkles Vegan

While not entirely vegan, Sweetapolita includes a section of sprinkles that are entirely vegan. The Birthday Party Mix, Edible Glitter Blend, Christmas Nonpareils, and Crunchy Sprinkles come in a range of hues and are cruelty-free options. Those inventive gears are turning, we can see it! Visit this vegan-friendly baking décor company right away. You won’t regret it at all.

5. Watkins

Are Sprinkles Vegan

Watkins has access to vegan sprinkles in addition to vegan food colors and extracts. These elegant embellishments are necessary for any plant-based treat recipes! The Rainbow Decorating Sugar, Nonpareils, and Sprinkles are currently our favorites. We often use Watkins sprinkles to adorn our sugar cookies, hot chocolate, and ice cream sundaes.

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