How to make Louis Vuitton Birthday Cake? Best Guide in 7 Simple Steps

Louis Vuitton Birthday Cake

A designer handbag cake (purse cake) is always a hit among women. Even better if it was created in the style of a favorite brand or model. This instruction of shows you how to make a LLouis Vuitton Birthday Cake, which you’ll enjoy if you’re a fan of fashion or just appreciate opulent accessories.

The cake remarkably resembles the recognizable designer purse. You can make a Louis Vuitton Birthday Cake that resembles a designer handbag, complete with the distinctive LV emblem and features, with a little imagination and perseverance.

The original baker receives full credit for this cake’s remake. A pound cake is used for the cake’s base, and fondant and an edible representation of Louis Vuitton are used for decoration. Gum paste was used to make the scarf, and fondant was used to make the pearls.

How to make Louis Vuitton Birthday Cake?

Louis Vuitton Birthday Cake


  • Two layers of cakes each measuring 7 inches square and about 2 inches high.
  • Cake filling and crumb coating with buttercream.
  • Fondant was used to make the pearl necklace and to coat the entire cake. For the most part, I used Satin Ice in white and ivory. I colored white fondant for some using brown and peach food coloring. If you’d like, you can even make your own fondant.
  • Gum paste: To create the scarf on the cake, I used white Satin Ice gum paste and coloured it ivory.
  • Three pieces of A4-sized Louis Vuitton logo prints for the handbag’s LV edible print. These can be acquired online or from a nearby retailer of edible image supplies. (You might wish to get an additional sheet just in case.)
  • Lemon essence and edible gold dust were used to create gold paint for the handbag’s entire gold metal construction.
  • Ivory, Peach, and Brown Wilton gel colors.
  • To paint the leopard spots on the scarf, use a medium-tipped cake decorating brush.
  • To leave stitch markings on the handbag, use the fondant stitch tool.
  • To make and string the fondant pearl necklace, you’ll need dental floss and a needle.
  • Pizza cutting wheel and a sugarcraft knife were the general cutting implements utilized for the project.
  • Icing glue

Instructions for making

Louis Vuitton Birthday Cake

Step 1:  Baking and Carving the cake.

Make two cakes that are each 7 inches square and about 2 inches high. Make 4 blocks of cake, each measuring 7 inches by 3.5 inches, by slicing each layer into two pieces.

The layers should then be leveled and stacked, with buttercream placed between each layer.

The top of the cake should be carved such that the long top edges are rounded and resemble the body of a purse.

Step 2: Attaching the LV edible image

Clean the cake of any crumbs when the cutting is finished. Roll out ivory fondant and cover the Louis Vuitton Birthday Cake with a thin layer of buttercream. Three pieces can be used for this; one large piece should cover the handbag’s main body from base to base. The remaining two sections will go over the bag’s two smaller, opposing sides.

Attach the edible LV image sheets next. Use one piece each for the front and back. Additionally, divide the third sheet in half and attach each half to the bag cake’s sides.

Applying a little coat of water with a brush to the fondant will help the edible images stick. Gently lay the images over the fondant from one end to the other. This will lessen the chance of air bubbles becoming trapped.

Step 3: Adding the seams

Use the extruder tool to pump out the medium-sized ivory strips in order to create the seams. Use fondant glue to carefully affix these to the handbag’s edges. The handbag cake has seams at both the base and the sides.

Step 4: The bag zipper

Manually cut out a rectangle from a brown fondant for the zipper. With little fondant adhesive, fasten it to the Louis Vuitton Birthday Cake. To leave stitch marks on both sides, use the stitch tool.

Next, cut a long piece of white fondant off the roll. Create a thin strip out of it. Mark the zipper’s lines using the pizza cutting wheel. then use glue to affix it to the Louis Vuitton Birthday Cake. Apply the edible gold paint to the white portion of the zipper.

Louis Vuitton Birthday Cake

Step 5: The handbag cake handles

The bag handles come next. Start with the components in the gold squares. With the sugar craft knife, cut them out by hand, smooth the edges, and paint them gold. Put them aside till the paint has dried after that. While you wait, shape the handles by cutting off the hexagonal pieces. Make the stitches on the edges using the stitch tool. Attach the hexagonal pieces first, then the gold components, to assemble.

Make sure the hexagon pieces are slightly longer on top when you assemble them. This allows you to wrap the additional material around the gold pieces. The handles should then be added. Create long fondant sausages and flatten the ends to create the handles.

Mark the sewing lines around the sides using a stitch tool. Likewise, wrap the flattened ends of the hexagonal pieces in the gold cutouts. The Louis Vuitton Birthday Cake is finished at that point.

Step 6: The leopard imprints on the scarf

Use ivory-tinted white gum paste to create the scarf. After that, roll it as thinly as you can and decorate the scarf with leopard prints. The following is an example of how to paint leopard spots:

  • Initially, paint the ivory. Utilizing a fresh cake decorating brush, lightly dunk the tip in water after dipping it in the white food dye. Use the brush to paint a circular area.
  • It’s not necessary for the spot to be completely spherical. Next, dab some brown food coloring on the brush. then take a quick, gentle plunge in water. On one side of the ivory spot, add a ‘C’ stroke, then add another on the opposite side.
  • Place the scarf on the Louis Vuitton Birthday Cake once the painting is finished. Put it in the most natural-looking posture so that it is ruffled. Apply glue to the scarf’s contact points with the bag and the cake board to ensure it stays in place.

Step 7: The edible pearl necklace

Dental floss is used to string fondant pearls onto the pearl necklace. Pinch little bits of white fondant and shape them into smooth balls to create the beads. The balls should resemble pearls in size. Put a piece of dental floss on the end of a fresh sewing needle, then thread the needle and floss through each fondant pearl.

Tie the dental floss ends together to finish the necklace. Before hanging the necklace from the cake, adjust the pearl beads so that one of the pearls completely encases the knot. Place the necklace first on the cake. Use fondant adhesive to hold it in place once you are satisfied with the placement. The Louis Vuitton Birthday Cake decoration is now complete.

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