The 2 Must-Try Skate Cake Recipes You Will Love

Skate Cake

Look at this Skate Cake with an ice rink! Friends would assume you purchased this gorgeous wonderland Skate Cake from a bakery, but it was entirely your creative invention! In this article, will share 2 Must-try Skate Cake Recipes to make your birthday become memorable, let’s check what to do for skate lovers.

The 2 Must-Try Skate Cake Recipes You Will Love

1. Recipes for Skate Park Cake

Thrill your child with this wonderful masterpiece.


  • Moist chocolate cake mix, 4 x 440g packages
  • 200g cola straps in sour
  • Toy skateboards and bikes, two lengths of twisted red licorice, skull-and-bone lollipops, and a black licorice strap


  • 550 grams of diced, unsalted butter that is room temperature
  • Five cups of the sugar mixture.
  • food coloring gel in black
  • 1 tablespoon milk and 1/2 cup sifted cocoa powder

Skate Cake

Method to make Skate Park Cake:

Step 1: Two 20 cm x 7 cm square cake pans should be greased. Bakeware bases and sides should be lined with baking paper that extends 5 cm over pan rims.

Step 2: Two cake mixes should be prepared one at a time, as directed on the packet. Fill each pan with one cake mix. Tops should be buffed.

Step 3: Cook both cakes for 55 minutes, or until cooked when checked, in a moderately slow oven (160C). Spend 20 minutes standing. To cool, turn over onto wire racks.

Step 4: Clean the pans. Reline and grease. Repeat with the other two cake mix packages. Save the icing sachets for a different purpose.

Step 5: To prepare to frost, use an electric mixer to beat butter in a big bowl until it’s light and fluffy. Beat in sugar gradually, 1/2 cup at a time, until the mixture is smooth. Put one and a half cups of frosting in a bowl. Use black gel to tint light grey. the leftover frosting with milk and powdered cocoa. until smooth, beat.

Step 6:  Two of the cakes into thirds using a ruler. Take a portion of each cake away.

Step 7: Place the final two full cakes next to one another on a cake board. Place both of the larger pieces of cake on top of the whole cake at either end, gluing them in place with 14 cups of chocolate frosting for each layer. Repeat, adding more cake pieces at either end to act as glue. Once the frosting has set, refrigerate. Cakes should be cut into a half pipe as shown using a big serrated knife

Step 8: The Skate Cake should be covered in the remaining chocolate frosting, with the exception of the pipe’s center. Frost the center with a shade of gray.

Step 9: For the bricks, cut sour straps into 1 12 cm-wide piece. Strip the black licorice into little pieces. To create rails, insert toothpicks into the red licorice. Set up the cake with the bricks, black licorice, railroads, and skull and bone lollipops as shown. Use bicycles and skateboards to decorate.

Skate Cake

2. Recipes for Ice Skating Wonderland Cake

What You Need:

  • One package (2-layer) White cake batter
  • 2 packages of 3 oz each, 2 cups of boiling water Gelatin Strawberry JELL-O flavor
  • 1 tub (8 oz.) Ice Cream Topping, Thawed, and Divided
  • Blue food coloring, 2 drops, blue decorating gel
  • 20 chocolate chunks with candy coating
  • 6 Grahams in the form of bears
  • Two ice cream cones with green frosting as decorations
  • Baker’s Angel Flake Coconut, 2 tablespoons
  • Powdered sugar, 2 tablespoons

How to make this Skate Cake?

Skate Cake

Step 1:  As instructed on the packaging, prepare the Skate Cake  mixture and bake it in two (9-inch) round pans. In pans, cool cakes for 15 minutes. (Don’t take cakes out of the pans.)

Step 2:  Gelatin mixtures are added to hot water and stirred for two minutes until thoroughly dissolved. At intervals of 1/2 inch, pierce cakes with a broad fork or skewer. Add gelatin to the cakes. 4 hours in the fridge.

Step 3: Spread 1/2 cup cool whip on a serving plate after unmolding one layer of the cake. Remove the second cake layer from the mold; carefully atop the first layer. With the remaining 2 cups of cool whip, frost the cake’s top and sides. Spread the remaining cool whip on top of the cake to mimic an ice rink by coloring it with food coloring. Apply decorating gel to the “ice rink”‘s outer edge. Keep it 1 hour in the fridge.

Step 4:  Add candy-coated chocolate pieces to the cake’s top for decoration. Grain snacks should be added for the “ice skaters.” Place ice cream cones around the rink that have been decorated with green decorating frosting. Sprinkle sugar first, then coconut on the cake.

Some useful tips to make Skate Cake successfully

  • Tip 1: Cooking Skills

Before icing, make sure the cakes are thoroughly cooled. The icing may melt or soften if the cake is heated.

  • Tip 2: Special Extra

Graham snack “skaters” can be given “scarves” by adding more gel or frosting for decoration.

  • Tip 3: Replace

Use JELL-O Gelatin in your preferred flavor to prepare.

  • Tip 4: Note

This stunning cake can be decorated in advance up to two hours in the refrigerator before serving.

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