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Birthday Blue Drip Cake: The Best Choices For Birthday Gift

Birthday Blue Drip Cake

The most straightforward and beautiful approach to adorn a cake is using colorful drips. I’m providing this lesson on how to build a Birthday Blue Drip Cake because it’s one of my favorite decorating methods! Drip cakes have the extra benefit of being quite adaptable. This blue drip can be put either completely around a cake or to a tiny section of a cake as an accent in any shade, length, and thickness. There are no restrictions! In light of this, there are a few things to keep in mind when constructing a Birthday Blue Drip Cake Below, outline all you need to know and guide you through each process step.

The Birthday Blue Drip Cake—How Do I Add Them?

Birthday Blue Drip Cake

Birthday Blue Drip Cake can be added in one of two methods. The two most common tools are spoons and plastic spray bottles. I advise utilizing whichever way makes you feel the most comfortable since some individuals prefer one over the other.

1. Drips Added with a Spoon

Using a spoon is one approach to add blue drips on cake. The fact that you don’t need any special instruments makes this method the best. I believe every kitchen has a spoon in it! You just need to delicately spoon 1-2 teaspoons of ganache over the edge of a chilled buttercream cake. Every time you scoop up some ganache, I advise scraping the bottom of your spoon on the bowl. This will stop errant ganache spilling from the spoon’s bottom and covering your counter and cake.

2. Using a Squirt Bottle to Add Blue Drips

Birthday Blue Drip Cake

The use of a plastic bottle is the second method for Birthday Blue Drip Cake. Pour the prepared ganache carefully into a plastic squirt bottle. Although not everyone has them on hand, buying them is not particularly expensive! They are available at Walmart, Target, and Amazon (where I purchase mine).

I prefer to use a squirt bottle because it makes Birthday Blue Drip Cake much quicker than using a spoon. Additionally, it is much simpler and cleaner in my opinion! Simply remove the cap from your bottle and put it in the refrigerator if you have any leftover ganache.

Ganache can be stored for up to a month in the refrigerator. My refrigerator door has a small shelf where I keep bottles of leftover ganache. Reheat leftover ganache in the microwave in 10-second intervals until it is liquid once more and appears to be the appropriate consistency.

How Should My Drips Look like?

Birthday Blue Drip Cake

I often state that there is a wide range of ganache drips and that no two drip cakes are alike. Each one of them is special and lovely in its own way. There are only drips of various sizes and shapes here; there is no right or wrong! You can give your cakes a variety of styles by using different sorts of drips.

Sometimes I want a drip that is chunkier and more distinct. Birthday Blue Drip Cake seem almost cartoonish to me because of this, and I find them entertaining. Sometimes I merely want thin drips that mimic little raindrops falling from the sky. I actually made an April showers Birthday Blue Drip Cake to resemble raindrops; it is not me being whimsy.

Furthermore, there is drip length. Do you want your drips to reach the cake board in their entirety? Should they be different lengths or all the same? You inform me! I completed them all. There’s nothing wrong with drips that are all the same length, but I normally prefer drips that vary in length a little. If you intend to decorate the cake’s base, shorter drips can be a terrific choice. If you’re trying for a dramatic or extravagant appearance, longer drips might be interesting.

Some Useful Tips for Adding Drips to a Cake

Birthday Blue Drip Cake

Tip 1. Freeze your Birthday Blue Drip Cake.

Only add drips to a cold Birthday Blue Drip Cake as my first piece of advice! I imply completely relaxed. Your second buttercream coat ought to feel solid to the touch. In the refrigerator, this could take up to 30 minutes, while in the freezer, it might take 10 minutes. When drips are applied, cooling the cake will help them stay in place and keep them from dripping too far.

Tip 2: Create A Test Drip

Make a test drip is my second piece of advice. Create a single drip of ganache on your cake. Allow it to flow and sit for a while. Check out how it appears and how far it descends the cake’s side. Are you satisfied with the appearance? Now is the time to make the necessary adjustments to get it perfect. Is it thin enough? Has the drip dripped off the cake too far? Perhaps you should add a little extra chocolate or let your ganache cool down a bit more.

Your drip can be excessively long or thick. It might need to be heated for a little while in the microwave (no more than five seconds, please). Or perhaps you should add a little bit more heavy cream. At this stage of the process, I run the risk of letting my enthusiasm get the better of me. After making what I believe to be the necessary corrections, I immediately begin adding all of my drips.

However, you might have overcorrected for all you know! It’s possible that you overheated or undercooled your ganache. You must perform another test drip after any modification to your ganache. Making ensuring your ganache at the ideal temperature will be worth the extra few minutes.

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