Exploring the Delectable World of Avocado Cake Recipe

Avocado Cake

This vegan Avocado Cake is incredibly delicious, with a hint of lemon flavor, and is naturally tinted with avocado. It goes well with your everyday cup of tea or coffee. The flavor profile of this eggless pistachio cake is distinctive and energizing, just like my lime coconut Avocado Cake. Cakepluss.com did many research to find this recipe for you, let’s try it!

Ingredients needed to make this Avocado Cake

Avocado Cake

This recipe for lemon pistachio cake is loaded with nuts and fruit (avocado), and it doesn’t contain any strange additives or food coloring. Despite being an eggless cake, it does not contain aquafaba or egg substitutes.

If pistachios make you sick, try my entire lemon cake or lemon drizzle Avocado Cake instead. Or you could simply replace the pistachios with almond flour, grams for grams, to make a vegan lemon Avocado Cake.

An Avocado Cake may become dense if it contains a lot of fruit or vegetables (such as avocado). To balance it out and create a softer cake, add an acid like lemon juice (or apple cider vinegar for other cakes). Having said that, there is a lot of apple cider vinegar, so I do not suggest replacing the lemon juice in its whole. Replace the lemon flavor with something else if you don’t like it.

  • Tangerine or orange juice
  • Dairy-free milk and either almond extract or 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar can be used for flavor or texture.

Directions for making the Avocado Cake

  • Note: All measurements in this recipe except the tablespoon and teaspoon should be made in grams for precision. Set the oven’s temperature to 180 C (350 F). Use baking paper to line a loaf pan that is 20 cm (8 inches) or larger. Your pistachio cake will bake faster if your baking pan is longer.

The Avocado Cake is made by:

Avocado Cake

Step 1. Fill a sizable mixing bowl with all the dry ingredients. Mix thoroughly to ensure that there are no lumps. Place aside.

Step 2. Place the pistachios in a food processor and pulse several times until coarse to medium crumbs form. Add the milk, oil, lemon juice and/or zest, vanilla, and avocado. When there are no longer any avocado bits, blend. The pistachios may cause the mixture to be lumpy.

Step 3. Add the flour to the mixing bowl along with the pistachio mixture. Gently blend by combining. In order for the Avocado Cake to bake thoroughly, the batter must be rather thick.

Step 4. Drop the cake batter into the loaf pan by scooping it out.

Step 5. Bake the Avocado Cake for 60-70 minutes, or until it can be skewered through the center without coming out with any wet batter attached. If the cake is browning too soon but the center is still raw, cover it with aluminum foil or a bowl that can be baked in an oven. Bake the Avocado Cake until done. Since the cake is so moist, it’s okay if there are some crumbs on your skewer.

Step 6. Let the cake sit in the pan for a minimum of 10 minutes. Take it out of the tin and place it on a wire rack to cool. It’s okay if the cake deflates.

Avocado Cake icing and decoration

Avocado Cake

  • This lemon pistachio Avocado Cake is best served with a simple sugar icing. It is classy, understated, and gives the cake a cafe-like appearance! I merely used powdered sugar and lemon juice to make the icing. Almond milk or other plant-based milk can be substituted for the juice, but the lemon juice truly gives the cake something extra.
  • As an alternative, you can top the lemon pistachio cake with thick coconut yogurt or whipped coconut cream for a healthier version.
  • Vegan pistachio cupcakes can be created from this cake. It won’t take as long to bake your cupcakes (perhaps 25 minutes). Additionally, they won’t lose as much of their airiness after being removed from the oven.
  • Vegan pistachio and rose cake or vegan pistachio cardamom cake can be made by modifying this cake. Simply stir a little rose water or cardamom powder into the cake batter before baking! The icing can also have rose water added to it.


This Avocado Cake is airy and doesn’t have any of the dense areas that are common in nut-based or eggless cakes. Its friand-like texture makes it ideal for afternoon tea, morning tea, or as a quick vegan dessert. The flavor profile of this eggless pistachio cake is wonderful and distinctive. It contains the nutty flavor of pistachios, a hint of lemon acidity, and the gorgeous avocado green color!

The avocado’s natural fat adds extra moisture to the cake and takes the place of some of the egg’s fat. The avocado flavor doesn’t really stand out when there is enough sweetness and lemon juice in the dish. We hope you will love this Avocado Cake Recipe above, thank you for reading and see you later!

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