Watermelon Cake With Fruit Trend: The Perfect Summer Treat

Watermelon Cake With Fruit

Fruity and festive raw cake fashioned from watermelon cylinders and topped with seasonal fruit and berries is known as Watermelon Cake With Fruit. For any gathering or celebration, create your own guilt-free dessert. This is not a particularly exacting recipe.

Cakepluss.com make fruit desserts with layers of watermelon and berries using this technique. To make a stunning summer cake, be sure to use your creativity and the fruit you have on hand. This is a dessert that doesn’t require baking and is fresh and delicious. It also pictures beautifully. This cake, which has a watermelon-like appearance, is not baked. This cake is constructed from fresh, raw watermelon that has been cut into layers to resemble cake and is adorned with fresh fruit.

Watermelon Cake With Fruit Trend

Watermelon Cake With Fruit

Some of you may have already seen the mouthwateringly festive watermelon layer cakes and are now inspired to make your own. It is a dish that is “instagrammable.” made entirely of seasonal fruit and fresh melon for decorating. It is entirely optional to top or cover the cake with dairy or vegan whipped cream. These Watermelon Cake With Fruit are well-liked due to their lack of refined sugar, gluten-free nature, and abundance of fresh, healthy fruit.

How to make Watermelon Cake With Fruit

Cake made using watermelon ingredients

  • 1 large watermelon without seeds, cleaned and dried
  • 1 1/2 cups dried and cleaned blueberries
  • 1 cup dried and cleaned blackberries
  • 1 cup of dried and cleaned raspberries
  • 2 cups dried and cleaned strawberries
  • 1 cup of yellow watermelon without seeds, cleaned, dried, and shaped
  • 1 cup cleaned and dried grapes

Watermelon Cake With Fruit


  • Kitchen knife
  • Dinner fork or teaspoon, serving
  • Towel paper
  • Fruit shape cutters and a melon baller are optional.

Instruction of making Watermelon Cake With Fruit

Watermelon Cake With Fruit

You can choose to construct a single layer or multiple layer Watermelon Cake With Fruit. You may either top it with whipped cream or serve it plain.

Step 1: Wash the watermelon’s outside well. By doing this, you can avoid cutting into the watermelon and transferring any surface debris or bacteria within.

Step 2: Cut the watermelon’s top stem section and bottom section off using a sharp chef’s knife. Save for later use or get rid of. Place the watermelon’s remaining center upright so that it rests flat on your cutting surface. When upright, the Watermelon Cake With Fruit displayed was around 7 inches tall. However, depending on the number of people at your party, your watermelon may be shorter or taller. Once you have a flat base and top, level off any uneven places.

Step 3: Time to take the rind off. Cut the outer peel of the watermelon from top to bottom while it is still standing upright on your cutting board. As you remove the rind, keep the watermelon in its original shape. To remove any visible rind from the bottom of the watermelon, you might need to turn it upside down.

Step 4: Trimming: Carefully cut away any crooked parts of the outer surface now that its distinctive pinkish/reddish tint has begun to show. You want a watermelon that is smooth, spherical, and cake-shaped.

Step 5: Next, make a circular cut through the watermelon’s top that is between one and two inches deep and one inch from the edge. Scoop out the watermelon with a teaspoon or dinner spoon, blotting up any extra juice with paper towels. You will insert your ornamental fruit into this circular aperture.

Step 6: Put the watermelon in the middle of your serving dish or platter. A full-size Watermelon Cake With Fruit will be hefty, so pick a strong plate.

Step 7: Fresh, clean fruit (or your own personal favorites) can be used to decorate the cake. Place a variety of fruits both inside the top circle and all around the cake’s foundation. Increase visual attractiveness by using fruit hues that contrast. Use a melon baller or fruit shape cutters for added creativity.

Step 8: Serve right away, or chill in the refrigerator. Enjoy!

FAQs about Watermelon Cake With Fruit

Watermelon Cake With Fruit

1. Can I make this fruit cake ahead of time? 

Definitely! The watermelon fruit cake can be prepared in advance and topped with cream right before serving. Simply put together and wait until ready while wrapped in plastic.

2. Can I make a fruit layer cake out of this? 

Your melon cake can, in fact, easily get more tiers. This would give it a cake for a special event or a watermelon birthday cake look.  A multi-tiered cake is the epitome of elegance. A great cake is instantly upgraded to a sophisticated one by just adding a tier. The watermelon’s end is used for the top layer after a thick slice is cut from the middle.

3. When will this cake be gone? How should I put it away?

You can tell this cake does not keep well in the fridge or the freezer just by looking at it.  This cake needs to be prepared a couple of hours before serving. Otherwise, the watermelon will become wet, unstable, and mushy.

3. Making suggestions for this watermelon cake recipe

  • My Watermelon Cake With Fruit was topped with whipped cream and fresh berries. If you’d like, you’re welcome to adorn it with additional fresh fruits. Consider sliced mango, grapes, and other fruits.
  • Use a yellow watermelon in place of a red one for an extra colorful cake. Though significantly different in flavor, the fruit is nonetheless incredibly sweet and juicy.
  • I don’t suggest leaving the cake out too long because it has whipped cream on top. Over time, the cream will lose volume.

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