Creative Ninjago Cake Ideas for Fans of All Ages

Creative Ninjago Cake Ideas for Fans of All Ages

Ninjago is a popular animated television series. It revolves around the adventures of a group of ninja warriors who battle against various villains to protect the land of Ninjago. The Ninjago franchise has gained a significant following among children and LEGO enthusiasts worldwide. That’s why today’s kids love Ninjago cake. Cakepluss hopes this LEGO Ninjago Cake decorating tutorial has been really helpful as you look to create the ultimate cake for your kid’s birthday party.

What is Ninjago cake?

What is Ninjago cake?

A Ninjago cake is a type of birthday cake inspired by the popular LEGO Ninjago franchise. It is designed to reflect the characters, themes, and elements from the animated TV series and LEGO building sets. Ninjago cakes often feature colorful designs depicting the ninja characters, their unique weapons, and the world of Ninjago. The cake can be customized with edible images or fondant decorations showcasing the iconic Ninjago symbols, such as the ninjas’ masks, dragon motifs, or the Ninjago logo. Ninjago cakes are particularly popular among children and fans of the LEGO Ninjago series for birthday parties and themed celebrations.
How to make Ninjago cake? Step-by-Step instructions

– Ingredients:

  • 3 layer 8 inch cake
  • 2 layer 10 inch cake
  • Fondant
  • Edible Paint Markers
  • Fondant Tools
  • Exacto Knife
  • Red Food Coloring

– Instructions:

  1. The first step is to cover the bottom layer with black fondant. The next thing to do is to print the word Ninjago in the right font. Cut them out with the Exacto knife.
  2. Make a small amount of red food coloring. Roll it out. Place your letters on top of the red fondant and use your Exacto knife to cut around them.
  3. Apply a small amount of water to the back of your letters (one by one). Attach them to the cake, making sure you use a ruler for balance.
  4. Next, find all the Ninjago symbols and print them to about 1.5 inches high. Using your Exacto knife, cut around the edge of the image.
  5. Cut out circles with 2.5-inch white fondant. Using an edible marker, trace your images on the white circle and color them.
    Now move on to the top of the cake. Roll out some white fondant, large enough to cover the front and extend about 1/3 back across the top of the deck.
  6. Use edible gold spray paint and then spray paint this fondant piece of gold.
  7. Roll out a long piece of white fondant. This needs to wrap around your cake, so if your cake measures 8 inches, the circumference is over 25 inches.
  8. Wrap fondant around the base of this tier. Trim the bottom edge to fit. I had the front swoop out a bit. The top edge you’ll want to work on and smooth with your fingers and/or fondant tool.
  9. Next are the eyes and eyebrows. I used the oval cookie cutter for the black eyes and the top (smaller side) of the tip of the tube to cut the white middle. The eyebrows I just drew by hand, were cut out and traced on the fondant. Glue the eyes and eyebrows on the cake with a little water.

How to make Ninjago cake? Step-by-Step instructions

– Decorating:
Transforming your cake into a Ninjago masterpiece requires skillful decorating techniques. Edible images and fondant decorations are popular choices, allowing you to showcase the ninjas, their symbols, and iconic motifs. If you’re feeling adventurous, consider creating detailed figurines or miniatures of the Ninjago characters, showcasing their unique personalities and poses.

– Presentation and Serving:
Presentation is key when it comes to showcasing your Ninjago cake. Consider incorporating accompanying decorations or themed table settings to enhance the overall visual impact. A dedicated Ninjago-themed backdrop, ninja-themed party favors, or even a display of LEGO Ninjago sets can create an immersive atmosphere.

– Popular Occasions for Ninjago Cakes:

Ninjago cakes are perfect for a variety of occasions. Birthdays for avid Ninjago fans are an obvious choice but don’t limit yourself there. Themed celebrations, such as movie releases or gaming nights centered around the LEGO Ninjago franchise, are fantastic opportunities to showcase your creativity and pay homage to the beloved characters.

To sum up 

Creating a Ninjago cake is an exciting and rewarding adventure. From incorporating design elements to utilizing decorating techniques, the process allows you to channel your inner ninja and unleash your creativity. By personalizing the cake and paying attention to the presentation, you can ensure an unforgettable celebration. So, gather your ingredients, embrace the spirit of Spinjitzu, and embark on a cake-making journey that will leave your guests in awe of your Ninjago masterpiece. 

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