Create Enchanting Disney Princess Cakes: A Step-by-Step Guide

Disney Princess Cake

Every little princess’s wish has come true with this Disney Princess Cake! Create a stunning birthday cake with Elsa, Rapunzel, or any other Disney princess! You may make your own inexpensive Disney Princess Cake at home in instead of purchasing one. It is quite simple and doesn’t take any longer than a typical birthday cake. Use these simple methods to dress up Ariel, Cinderella, Tiana, Aurora, Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, or any other Disney princess. Create your own dress with your preferred piping tips. Be original! The princess in your life will adore it! Let’s explored with

How to Create the Dress for Disney Princess Cake?

Disney Princess Cake

Find your “molds”. Discover your “molds” In one or two 8-inch cake pans and a glass bowl (or two glass bowls, one medium and one little in size), the cake’s “skirt” is baked. You won’t need any more for the cake’s skirt or base. Use your imagination and what you have. Make sure the bowls you’re using can go in the oven. You can use a mixing bowl made of ceramic or stoneware. Any princess doll or Barbie doll that is the size of Barbie will fit the cake.

Cakes should be made and baked. Combine the contents of two cake mix boxes. You can use a variety of flavors or just one. Bake the cake in accordance with the guidelines on the packaging by following the instructions on the recipe card below. Grease or butter your pans, then lightly dust with flour before adding the batter to prevent sticking. Tip: Make cupcakes out of any leftover batter.

Be calm and flip. Flip the round cakes and/or bowls over to release the cakes from the pans and/or bowls about 10 minutes after removing them from the oven. To loosen the edges, you might need to carefully run a knife along them. Then, flip the dish onto a wire cooling rack. By doing so, you can prevent the cakes from sweating and clinging to the bowl while also allowing them to finish cooling.

Layers are stacked. Place the largest cake at the bottom of the stack of cakes and stack the remaining cakes on top. Trim the excess to create a full skirt. To add more height, you can wish to slice the cakes in half horizontally and sandwich frosting between the layers.

Frost and freeze. After the cake has cooled, I usually like to wrap it completely in plastic wrap and place it in the freezer for an entire night. Later, it will be lot simpler to frost because of this. Barbie doll should be inserted into the cake’s top; if it is still somewhat frozen, you might wish to use a knife to create a hole the width of the doll. Then, decorate.

Disney Princess Cake

How to Decorate a Disney Princess Cake

Step 1: To prepare the cake for piping or decorating, lightly frost it. A “crumb coat” is what is used for this. It makes the cake stronger after the icing is added for decoration and hides undesirable crumbs.

Step 2: Prepare your piping bags by filling them with the desired colors and tip sizes. When frosting a princess Barbie cake, I’ve discovered that huge tips are my friend. You don’t need to pipe many individual stars to create attractive patterns. Less time was spent making the Elsa Disney Princess Cake than the Rapunzel cake.

Step 3: As with our Disney Princess Cake, you may also use fondant or marzipan to design the cake. Simply spread it thinly and cover the cake. Sprinkles, edible sugar pearls, and other ornaments can be added.

7 Useful Tips To Decorate the Disney Princess Cake

Disney Princess Cake

  • While decorating, secure any accessories or the doll’s hair with clips.
  • When decorating, use a cake plate or lazy Susan. This will make turning while piping easier.
  • To prevent the frosting from drying out, divide it up into bowls, paint them with food coloring, and then cover them with a damp towel until you’re ready to use them.
  • On wax paper, practice piping until you feel confident making your designs. Here is a fantastic article with several easy piping methods to try.
  • Utilize gel food coloring purchased from a craft store. These food colorings are miles ahead of the water food coloring found in supermarket stores. You will receive bolder hues and the ideal tone for your princess.
  • If you discover that your buttercream frosting is too thin, gradually add more powdered sugar.
  • Decorate in a unique way! You can use piping gels, sprinkles of any size or form, and any other amusing sugary stuff you can find. Fresh raspberries work just as well, but make sure they are fairly dry to prevent bleeding onto your cake.

The Disney Princess Cake of Elsa

We used a Barbie with a painted-on body and a skirt (instead of a full outfit) for the Elsa Disney Princess Cake. This made decorating quite simple. To achieve the desired hues, we blended Sky Blue and Lavender food coloring. We continued to add color one drop at a time until Elsa’s bodice colors were matched.

The skirt was done in two colors. The color at the top was heavier on the blue hue, while the color in the bottom was heavier on the lavender hue. In order to achieve the “hombre” look, we placed BOTH pastry bags—without any tips in either bag—in a single bag with a star tip. One pastry bag was filled with the blue color, the other with the purple color. In this manner, the two hues blended just enough. It appeared more swirling as a result. Rosettes would be lovely if you chose to do that as well. Pearl sprinkles and foam snowflake stickers (which, of course, we removed before eating) completed the appearance.

Disney Cake Rapunzel Princess

Using a little star tip, we mainly piped tiny flowers on the Rapunzel cake. For the ribbon on the dress’s front, we used a flat tip, and for the border that resembles a “shell” at the bottom, we used a larger star tip.

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