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Celebrate Your Baby Birthday with Cake Smash Photos

Celebrate Your Baby Birthday with Cake Smash Photos

Cake Smash – a growing trend in the list of baby’s first-year memorable moments that need to be captured – moments that need an experienced, professional photographer to capture a wide range of emotions. The pictures taken at a cake smash are unique, memorable and an incredible decoration and gift for your home and family. Learn everything related to cake smash photos in today’s post.

What is a Cake Smash?

A cake smash is a type of photo shoot that has become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly for celebrating a baby’s first birthday. During a cake smash photo shoot, a baby is placed in front of a cake, usually a small one that is just for the photo shoot, and allowed to smash and play with the cake as much as they want. The goal is to capture the baby’s natural curiosity and delight as they explore and taste the cake, often resulting in messy, adorable, and memorable photos.

What is a Cake Smash?

Cake smash photo shoots often take place in a studio or outdoor setting and may include various props and decorations such as balloons, banners, and other themed items. Parents often choose to coordinate their baby’s outfit and the overall theme of the photo shoot with the cake design and the decorations.

Cake smash photo shoots have become popular due to their ability to capture a baby’s personality and milestones in a fun and unique way. The resulting photos can be cherished by parents and family members as a special memory of their baby’s first birthday celebration.

How to capture beautiful cake smash photos?

Choose your cake carefully

It is best for parents to choose the cake themselves and bring the cake to the shooting point. The baby may have allergies (wheat, eggs, refined sugar and others, etc.). This also allows them to choose the design and color. It is recommended to choose cakes in pink, white, yellow and light blue colors that take good photos and go well with most backgrounds. Avoid chocolate, reds and blues – the first two don’t look good when wet and the last is hard to clean. As for the outside of the cake, keep the design a bit simple so as not to distract the baby too much.

Do Camera settings

Children (especially one-year-olds) can be very unpredictable. The last thing you want to do when photographing a smashing cake is to learn your camera settings so you don’t miss out on those worthwhile moments.

  • Shutter Speed: To keep up with a fast-moving young man, use a fast shutter speed. Keep your shutter speed at 1/200 or higher to minimize motion blur and keep your photos sharp.
  • Aperture: Depending on the available light, try to keep your aperture range between f/2.8 and f/5.6.
  • ISO: Prioritize keeping ISO low to minimize the noise in the image.

Keep your baby safe

Safety is always the highest priority when photographing children, and the same is true for pounding photo sessions. It started with making sure the baby wasn’t allergic to the ingredients in the cake, and it continued as we decided where to place the baby in the context and how we presented the cake. If you’re going to use a cake stand, try to use one that won’t fall over or injure your child in the event of a spill.

Choose Natural Light

If possible, choose natural light when photographing cake smashes. Using natural light minimizes unwanted shadows while allowing you to keep your photos as bright as possible. In addition, some children may be disturbed or distracted by the flash.

Use appropriate accessories

To add a unique touch to your photos, why not stylize them? Adding themed props and accessories can also add personality to a photo session. Parents can choose themes that reflect their favorite movies or sports teams, as well as their kids’ favorite shows or characters.

Cake Smash Photo Editing

In most genres of photography, consistency is key. Just as you should take photos in a consistent style, you should also edit consistently. You may need to put these portraits side by side in a spread album or a cluster of wall art. In other words, if you edit in a bold, contrasting style, edit that way for the entire collection.

Some cake smash photos you might like

Some cake smash photos you might like

Some cake smash photos you might like

Some cake smash photos you might like

Some cake smash photos you might like

Some cake smash photos you might like

Some cake smash photos you might like

Cake Smash FAQs

– When is the best time to schedule a cake smash?

Some parents like to make these sessions very close to their baby’s first birthday. However, if you want photos for your birthday party, you’ll need to schedule them in advance to have time to receive them in time. It usually takes about 2 weeks to edit a photo. Parents can use these images for their birthday invitations, post a party thank you card, or have a big picture displayed at the party itself.

– Cake Do’s and Don’ts

Store the cake at room temperature on the day of the photo session. Young children do not like to play with cakes if the cake is too cold and it is difficult for them to break the cake and eat it if the cream is hard on the outside. When choosing a color, please stay away from red, black and brown. During impact, those colors can look like blood and/or feces, which is very chaotic.

– What should parents do?

You may get some ice cream or cake on your clothes, especially at the end when cleaning up your child. Wearing clothing that you don’t mind getting soiled could be a good idea. Additionally, don’t forget to include some of your kid’s favorite treats, such as cookies or puffs. It is really beneficial for kids to sit still. Likewise, if they’re not interested in their cake, you may hide some in it to get them to reach for it.


To sum up, cake smash photos have become a popular way to celebrate a baby’s first birthday and capture their natural curiosity and delight as they explore and taste their first birthday cake. I hope you find these cake smash photography tips helpful. Follow the tips above and flex your creative skills to create cake-beating experiences that are worth it for babies and your family.

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